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Laboratory Management Curriculum

Content Authors

Chris Stowell, MD (Chair 2011-2012)
Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Peter Dysert, MD
Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas
Dallas, TX

Kedar Inamdar, MD
Henry Ford Hospital
Detroit, MI

Karen Kaul , MD
NorthShore University HealthSystem
Department of Pathology
Evanston, IL

Scott Kirkley, MD
University of Rochester Medical Center
Rochester, NY

Barbara McKenna MD, FASCP (Co-Chair 2009-2010)
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Jerry Mullersman, MD
East Tennessee State University
James H. Quillen College of Medicine
Johnson City, TN

Susan D. Roseff, MD
Virginia Commonwealth University/MCV
Richmond, VA

Constance Stanton, MD
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Winston-Salem, NC

Enrique Terrazas , MD
University of California
School of Medicine
San Francisco, CA

Ron Weiss, MD, FASCP (Co-Chair 2009-2010)
University of Utah Medical School
Salt Lake City, UT

Dani Zander, MD
Pennsylvania State College of Medicine
Hershey, PA

Melissa Lord-Toof
American Pathology Foundation
Laguna Beach, CA

Nancie Noie Thompson
American Society for Clinical Pathology
Chicago, IL

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